Beverly Center Launches New DJ Series, BEATS At BEV


Located in the epicenter of Los Angeles, Beverly Center is launching BEATS at BEV, a new music series featuring some of the hottest female DJs in town.

Starting April 3 and every Sunday, shoppers can enjoy music from new, emerging artists every week. For more information on BEATS at BEV, visit

The upcoming DJ schedule and their biographies are available below:

  • April 4: ShanLynn | ShanLynn is a Los Angeles-based DJ, VJ, songwriter, producer, dancer, and choreographer originally from Austin, Texas. His style is an open format, but also enjoys playing eclectic music, Balearic house, chill out, electro, indie dance, neo-soul, funk, nu-disco, house, classic rock and old school hip-hop. She loves giving the Top 40 a fresh perspective by mixing remixes and mash-ups to make it sound familiar, but giving it a fresh take.
  • April 10: DJ Mia | The undeniable talent of DJ Mia’s turntables has electrified crowds around the world. Her contemporary style and eclectic indie mix have made her a coveted DJ in the industry. With existing collaborations and performances from some of the hottest names, Mia’s successes include her deserved residency with music’s premier network, MTV, on the primetime show for Best Dance Crew. acclaimed American. Around the world, Mia’s delicious taste and cultural versatility in music illuminates her at every step and paves the way for her as a future pioneer in the world of beatmaking.
  • April 24: DJ Frazier Davis | DJ Frazier Davis is a Los Angeles-based DJ and producer. In 2017, she not only became the first woman to compete in the American Red Bull 3Style DJ competition, but she also finished in 2nd place. She first discovered her love of music by singing and writing music with her father when she was growing up. Its eclectic open format and mash-up style stems from a lifelong love for music, including influences from Girl Talk, DJ AM, Z-Trip and more. She studied DJing at Jam Master Jay’s Scratch DJ Academy, where she learned from turntablism masters like DJ Revolution, and Mr. Choc from the famous Beat Junkies.
  • May 1: Hauskaat | A true lover of music and rhythm, Hauskaat is a multifaceted performer and music maker from the Bay Area who sings, writes songs, produces records, DJs and dances. She has spent the better part of a decade as a performer and DJ for private events, corporate events and branded events. She spent a year overseas DJing in clubs in Taiwan before returning to Los Angeles and starting her own DJ company. Hauskaat’s core passion is creating music and connecting with audiences through soul-inspired sounds and rhythms.
  • May 8: Toneé Macara | Toneé Macara is a DJ based in Los Angeles/Long Beach via Chicago and a graduate of the Scratch LA DJ Academy. A love of music and the awareness that it is and always will be at the center of a function, which is why she traded the reservation of talent for becoming one. His Chicago roots are on display in most of his sets. She believes in melodic storytelling and leaving a unique musical imprint after each experience. His love of house music which spans electronic, juke, bmore and jersey club to disco speaks loudly during most of his sets and although dance music is close to his heart it is best described. like an open format DJ, mixing Hip Hop, Soul, Funk. , R&B, Reggae, Dancehall, Baile Funk, Rock, Pop, Nu-Wave, Punk and Latin Jams to name a few.
  • May 15: Lani Love | DJ, strategist, content creator – Lani Love is an uninhibited arbiter of joy. Sometimes referred to as “The Wholesome DJ”, audiences turn to her for thoughtful and uplifting musical experiences that transcend time, place and genre. His sound and style are the product of having lived and worked in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. She started her journey as a DJ and her career as a strategist in the best advertising agencies in 2007 in New York. At the start of the COVID pandemic in March 2020, Lani quickly transitioned to livestreaming on Twitch, taking her Club Mesh collective along. At Twitch, she’s found the perfect venue to showcase her eclectic taste, deep music collection, personal style, and creativity.
  • May 22: MissNINJA | Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, MissNINJA earned her name when it was discovered that she was a second-degree black belt and world champion in the martial art of Ju-Jitsu. Her training time on the mat and behind the decks has given MissNINJA super sharp skills as a fighter and DJ. Her training in both fields began early in childhood and she became a recognized powerhouse in both fields. Known for her in-depth knowledge of music spanning a wide variety of genres, MissNINJA has the ability to read and move a crowd. Covering everything from the 80s to the Top 40, from 90s hip-hop to electro and dubstep, from disco to classic rock, she is able to deliver a sound that is always unique, energetic and exciting.
  • May 29: DJ Sophenom | DJ Sophenom – like the SO PHENOMENAL woman – was born in GLENDALE, CA. She has been working in professional radio for more than 5 years. Currently, you can hear him mixing on THE SATURDAY NIGHT PARTY MIX for 97.1 AMP Radio. She’s also on’s latest FireLane streaming station every day. SOPHENOM is a young DJ on the rise mixing Pop, Top 40, Hip Hop, House, and all the classics!


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