An important guide from the National Energy Police for stakeholders to move forward, academician says



KUALA LUMPUR (Bernama): The national energy policy that will be introduced in Malaysia’s 12th plan (12MP) serves as an important guide for energy players to move forward, said Prof. Assoc Dr Mohd Hanif Yaacob.

The academician from Universiti Putra Malaysia said that a clear guide on the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energies would help stakeholders know what incentives or support to provide by the government.

“All developed countries have established several clear benchmarks on the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energies.

“In the future, energy issues will revolve around sustainability and climate change management. These are all the main factors that will lead to the energy transition, ”the sensor and nanotechnology specialist told Bernama on Tuesday (September 28th).

Dr Hanif said some of the world’s oil producers have also turned their attention to renewable energy sources and the same effort is also being implemented by the national oil company Petronas.

He also suggested that more engagement sessions be organized between stakeholders, scientists and government to develop a comprehensive and realistic policy.

“Energy suppliers should also be involved as they know the realities of the existing business and technology. This will also ensure that the switch from conventional to more sustainable energy will be a widely welcomed decision,” a- he declared.

Meanwhile, the president of the Association of Water and Energy Research Malaysia, S Piapakaran, said the project to build an integrated wastewater treatment plant would be able to help the industrial sector to reduce costs. water treatment.

“When the wastewater from factories is treated in large quantities using the centralized treatment plant method, the cost can be reduced and this will also ensure that it meets the standards for wastewater discharge set by the Ministry of the Environment, “he said.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob, when 12 MPs were tabled in parliament on Monday, September 27, said that a comprehensive national energy policy would be introduced to set the long-term strategic direction to support the country’s aspiration to carbon neutrality.

He added that cleaner power generation will be implemented through the operation of several gas-fired power plants in Peninsular Malaysia to replace coal-fired power plants.

Energy efficiency and conservation laws will also be introduced to regulate the energy consumption of high-intensity consumers in the industrial and commercial sectors. – Bernama



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