5 must-see car museums in North America


Add these car museums to your to-do list!

America’s love of the automobile spans decades, centuries and generations. Automotive museums connect the past, present and future of the automobile. Some of them specialize in specific time periods, while others focus on niche classes. Anyway, there is a car museum for all enthusiasts, here are our recommendations.

The Henry Ford
Dearborn, Michigan

Covering 25 acres, the Henry Ford includes the Henry Ford Museum of Innovationas well as an immersive experience known as Greenfield Village. This unique “village” will take you back to the boom era of Detroit, you can even take a ride in a Ford Model T

Packard American Museum
Dayton, Ohio

Darrin1 600x400

Visit the largest public collection of packards cars in the world Packard American Museum. See 50 Packards at an actual Packard dealership that even has the original fixtures. This museum also offers educational programs and hosts private events.

Blackhawk Museum
Danville, California

Blackhawk Museum

It’s not an exclusive car museum, but it features an impressive collection of classic cars. The collection is upscale and priceless, with a focus on historically significant vehicles from around the world.

Petersen Automotive Museum
Los Angeles, California

Petersen Automotive Museum 600px

It goes without saying that every car enthusiast should visit the Petersen Automotive Museum once in their life. Their exhibitions change frequently…


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